Brax shipping is a NOW organisation with a vast international network that has developed a unique valuation method for the shipping industry which follows the highest international quality standards and requirements. As brokers we are experienced in and have extensive knowledge in a niche segment of the market involving RoRo's, ferries, cruise ships and hi-speed vessels, these segments consist of unique assets with large variations in characteristics and the way they trade. Our everyday work involves interacting and analysing the current market conditions by performing a range of market analysis, reports and valuations of your vessels.

Our method is defined and based on the International Valuation Standards Councils well recognized definitions in order to provide an as unbiased and objective angle for you and your company as possible. Our valuation services cover both desktop appraisals, based on our extensive market knowledge, as well as onboard inspections to make complete assessments of ships’ overall conditions. This, combined with our accumulated database on vessel transactions, means we can ensure that we provide a valuation that is in line with the prevailing market conditions and the singular characteristics of the vessel at hand.

When valuating a vessel we establish a market value through a market or cost approach or a combination of both, where the unique asset details are put in to relation to our extensive market knowledge. The market value is based on an asset transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller, where both parties are knowledgeable, sensible and the transaction is without compulsion or attached charters or other income.

Our vision is to leave a positive footprint and insure you the highest quality of service throughout the whole process together with utmost client confidentiality.

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